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Anki · 2022-08-11 10:31:35 5 min Jump to navigation Jump to search Ankisoftware GenereEducazioneFlashcard (non in lista)Ripetizione spaziata (non in lista) SviluppatoreDamien Elmes Data prima versione5 ottobre 2006 Ultima versione2.1.53 (28 maggio 2022; 2 mesi fa) Sistema operativoMicrosoft WindowsL
Anki powerful, intelligent flashcards · 2022-05-25 13:20:07 2 min Choose a platform from the left.Download2.1.52 was just released. It contains the latest bug fixes and feature improvements, but some add-ons do not support it yet. Two variants are available: Qt5 vs Qt6.Download Anki for Windows 10/11 (2.1.52 Qt5)Download Anki for Windows 10/11
Quizlet · 2022-01-26 20:00:06+01:00 < 1 min Anteprima non disponibile. Visita il link
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CS Unplugged · 2021-12-22 10:40:00+01:00 < 1 min What is Computer Science?How do I teach CS Unplugged?For educators Topics Printables Curriculum Integrations Online Courses At home Activities For students Plugging it inThe original activities are still available atThis definition is not available in English, sorry!
Kahoot! | Learning games | Make learning awesome! · 2021-10-20 09:05:47 1 min Kahoot! delivers engaging learning to billions.Sign up for free!Watch videoDeliver training, presentations, meetings, and events on any video conferencing platform with Kahoot!Buy Kahoot! 360 ProPassionate about improving education and making learning awesome for students and tea